Maestro Dorati
The year 2006
ADCS Quarterly Review

The following brief report is intended as the second of a regular quarterly series of reports updating all existing and potentially interested parties on progress. It should also be seen as an open invitation for comment and suggestions, together with any positive criticism readers may wish to make.
An integrated schematic diagram listing and inter-relating the various elements of the Society, is available on application, by post or email.
Work on The Centenary Book, due for
The Budapest Opera House, as sketched by Doráti.

Opera House by Dorati
  publication next year, continues to move inexorably ahead.
Earlier this year Gordon and Richard visited Frau Gisella Betzel-Doráti at her home in Southern Germany to interview her by prior arrangement. The interview was carried out in German, which Richard has since translated into English. However, apart from confirming and supporting earlier known information about her brother, Frau Gisella also shared some wonderful anecdotal accounts of their young sibling life together in early 20th century Budapest. Apart from offering them the hospitality of her home she also insisted on cooking them an exceptionally appetizing meal and if that proves nothing else, it proves she remains over ninety years young and ever eager to go on for ever!

(ii) To date, progress on The Concert Register is as follows:

Budapest Years
(5% output) 90% complete.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
(12% output) 90% complete.

BBC Symphony Orchestra
(5% output) 80% complete.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
(8% output) 90% complete.